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The Skin Scientist


Week 6, Task 3: Video Prompts and Task 5: Two Truths and One Lie

In preparation for our Skype a Scientist  with Miranda Ridder, we are watching a couple of videos to give us some background knowledge and also to think about questions. She is working in the field of microbiology, specifically with the skin.

Here is where the blogging challenge comes into play. Watch each video and then do one of the following activities:

  1. Write a comment summarizing what you learned from one of the videos and questions you may still have about skin. We will also be sending these questions to our scientist!
  2. Create a short quiz and invite readers to answer your questions in the form of a reply.
  3. Write a riddle to include two truths and one lie. This can be completed in the comments section of this post. Here is the example posted on the blogging challenge:

For example, you might say:

  • The smallest bone in the body is found in the middle ear.
  • An archeologist studies the atmosphere and weather patterns.
  • The blue whale is the largest animal in the world.

       Can you guess which one is not true?

The Science of Skin

Brain Pop – Antibiotic Resistance

Anyone can join in the fun! Please feel free to participate in the comments section even if you are not in our class! 


  1. ms.ridder,
    Do you like your job and is it fun.

  2. I learned lots about skin from the videos and how some of the parts of skin give you the senses you have in your body. I have a question for Ms. Ridder,
    What position of the job are you and how did you get your job in the first place.

  3. I was wondering if anybody is born with out skin? If so how and why dose it happen?

  4. Ms. Ridder,
    What do you do? Are you a Researcher? What makes our skin soft?

    Thanks for helping.


  5. Ms. Riddler? ,why does the bacteria like to go into the body and make us sick??? Also, do you like your job and when you were younger, what made you want to do what your job is right now??? The last thing is, what are you studying right now??????

  6. How did you get your job and what is your favorite part about your job?

  7. how fast do the super bug grow and is your job hard.

  8. Ms. Ridder
    I have a question, how do you know if any bacteria is in your body or not? I have this question because, what if some bacteria is in your body and it is the bad kind but it does not affect you.

  9. I would aslo like to know how did you find your job and if you feel comfortable with your job.

  10. Ms. Ridder,

    Hi my name is Lila and i am in school at Bridges Elementry and i would like to ask you a question about how long it takes to dig up a dinosaur bone especially a
    T- rex.

  11. Ms.Ridder,
    what would happen if you get sick

  12. Answer the following riddle. There is 2 truths and 1 lie.

    ~There will NEVER be any bacteria in your body.~
    ~Bacteria can sometimes get in your body.~
    ~Whenever the bacteria gets in your body, it can sometimes affect you like getting you sick.~

  13. Dear: ms Ridder
    My question is what is your favorite part of your job and do you like your job .

  14. How does the ocean say hello????????
    IT WAVES!!!!

  15. My riddle,

    The outer layer is called the keratin made by dead cells called the epidermis.

    When the body is hot sweat glands create a fluid on the skin.

    Nails are made of overlapping plates of dead cells filled with protein called keratin.

  16. How many people are getting skin kiddition for all of this year.

  17. MS. Ridder,
    What did you do when you were little that made you want to do this?

  18. Answer the following statements and see if they are true!!!

    Blood goes out when you gets a paper cut or scratch.

    Get a bandaid quickly so you do not get bacteria in you and then they kill you.

    • Blood will not come out when you get a paper cut but it can when you get scratch.

      yes you need to get a band aid but before that clean out the cut.

  19. Ms. Ridder,

    What is your favorite part of your job?

  20. Ms.Ridder,
    what made you interested in wanting to do you job? or who influenced you to do it?

  21. To: Ms. Ridder

    Hello my name is Chelsea and my question is what are some common things that can happen to your skin but cant harm you?


  22. Ms.Ridder,

    How long did it take to get to where you are at now? Was it hard? Do you enjoy your job?

  23. from the video they talked about dezes and stuff. They also talked about bacteria getting into the cuts and harming you. My question for you is whats the most important part about your job or what is the most fun thing about your job.

  24. Ms. Ridder,

    In which areas of the skin are the most sensitive to cuts, injuries, and scratches?

  25. Bacteria can sneak in when you get a cut.

    The skin is the most largest organ in the body.

    The skin does not protect your body from Bacteria.

    Ms. Ridder, what is you favorite part of studying germs or the human skin?

  26. Ms. Ridder,

    How did you know you wanted to be this?

    Do you ever get stuck and don”t know what to do?

    Do you like what you do?

    Are you always busy or do you get breaks when you work?

    Answer these questions see if thee are true!!!!!!

    Can all Bactria hurt you?

    Should you cover up a scratch?

  27. Ms Ridder,

    what are you studying right now and what is it about?

  28. Dear Ms. Ridder, What’s the best part of your job? What do you like the most? What would you say is most disgusting about your job? :]

  29. Two truths and one lie
    dolphins are bigger than blue whales
    there are three layers of skin
    skin protects you

  30. My question for you is what do other good bacteria do besides help you digest.

  31. Here is a riddle Good luck! There is 2 facts and 1 lie

    ~You will die if you have no bacteria|
    ~There is more skin on your eye flap than your foot|
    ~Skin protects you from the elements|

    comment when you find out!

  32. MS. Ridder,
    My question is when did you get your job? Also when did you start to like what you do for your job?
    a fact is that skin is organ.

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