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Air Pollution

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Post written by Michella 

What do you know about air pollution? Do you know it can ruin your breathing? You can start wheezing for air because of air pollution. Air pollution is caused by gases that are out in the air. Cars, trucks, and other vehicles can cause air pollution. Gases are not the only thing that cause air pollution and wheezing. Smoking, not only causes air pollution, but it can also clog up your lungs and cause lung disease. It can also effect the people around you as well. So, if you are willing to cause harm to your family and friends because of your addiction, I suggest you stop now. Those are some bad things that can happen to our world if air pollution doesn’t stop right here and right now.

Share in the comments section what you know about air pollution. 

One Comment

  1. I like how you showed what you are working and the topic is very interesting

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