Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

Student Blogging Challenge 2019


#STUBC: Week 1 

This week, the 2019 Student Blogging Challenge begins! We are excited to participate again as we have continued to hone our blogging skills over the past months.

During the last challenge, we wrote our ‘About Us’ page and created avatars. You can find the avatar post here. We used the Build Your Wild Self website to create really crazy avatars. Also, we will revisit  our ‘About Us’ page to see if it needs to be updated. Our main focus this week will be visiting other blogs and practicing our commenting skills. We will watch this video created by Ms. Yollis’ class to remind us of correct commenting procedures. We will use the blog roll to connect with other classrooms around the world. If you would like to be added to our blogroll, comment below!

We will also update our avatars and choose one as a class avatar to permanently post on our side bar.  The plan is to use Voki to create and share about ourselves!

We will be on a two week break starting Monday, but look forward to getting caught up when we are back in class!


  1. good job keep it up

  2. Hello Mrs. Moore’s class,

    I think you guys are super smart and the activities are so much fun keep it up soon you will be the future.

    Talk to soon,

  3. Hello Mrs. Moore’s Class.

    You guys seem super smart, and you were very informative on your schedule and practices. I noticed how ya’ll typed. You have great typing form. Way better than me. You guys seem like your leaning very well. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  4. Hello Mrs. Moore’s class

    Hi I’m from Texas and I enjoy you videos and I like how you engage your students in fun and awesome learning styles that i think is really unique.

    Looking forward to seeing your class more in the blog challenge and keep up the good work.


  5. Dear Mrs. Moor’s Class

    You kids seem to be having a bunch of fun in your class and seem to enjoy your class I hope that you kids have had a great your in school seem to really enjoy school with Mrs. Moor as you teacher. I hope ya’ll enjoy the rest of the school year have fun. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  6. Hello Mrs. Moor’s Class

    I live in Texas and I enjoin your videos. You class seams to enjoy doing the videos. Because the give hos a lot of information. GOOD JOB KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !


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