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Improving Our World Summit: Solar Energy


Have you ever considered different sources of energy as a way to improve the world? During science we started looking into different energy resources. You can read our post all about what we learned here. We also completed this fun activity. It really showed us how amazing wind and solar are as a source of energy!

In our ELA class we read Amal Unbound and A Long Walk to Water. These books showed us there is a global issue connected to poverty and the environment where communities lack energy resources. This is where our research really got started!

We learned about how photovoltaic (PV) cells work, created a paper version, and even designed our own solar lanterns. We also learned about how solar ovens help provide clean water and benefit the environment through reducing wood burning fires. Both solar lanterns and solar ovens can help students in other countries gain access to energy that allows them to be able to read and study when the sun has set.

Watch this amazing video our 5th graders created to help others better understand the benefits of using solar power in villages that otherwise would go without.

We will be sharing this video at our Improve the World Summit on Friday, May 3 along with these amazing brochures!


What can you share about solar energy? 

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