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Top 15 Highlights of 2018-2019!


We can hardly believe our 5th grade year is coming to an end! After today, we will be on our way to 6th grade! We shared our favorites with Mrs. Moore, and these are the top 15 highlights of our 2018-2019 year.

  1. Improving Our World Solar Summit: We were prepping for this event before we even knew it was coming! You can see all about it in our Investing Different Energy Sources post. Our favorite part was designing and constructing solar lanterns.
  2. Field Trips: We had two field trips this year, Biz Town and Williams Field Airport. They were both great, but we loved Biz Town!
  3. Escape Rooms: We needed perseverance, teamwork, and critical thinking skills to conquer a variety of rooms using our math, science, ELA, and even growth mindset skills!
  4. Tiny Houses: It started with a blueprint, then using our visual spatial awareness, area and perimeter, we built and furnished our own tiny house.
  5. VR Headsets: The Virtual Reality headsets were a blast! We went underwater in the ocean, viewed the human body, saw the start of the Iditarod, and even ventured into the cockpit of the Concorde!
  6. 2019 Ocean Challenge: We raised $94 for Students Rebuild! This money will go towards ocean conservatory groups to help the oceans. You can see our individual art pieces here. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to view the gallery of our submitted art pieces!
  7. Morning Meeting: Our favorite way to start the day! We share something we did well yesterday and something we’ll do better today, and a statement about how we are feeling. We think every class should start their day this way.
  8. Gummy Bear Experiment: This was at the beginning of the year, but we still remember dropping those gummy bears into an assortment of liquids to observe the reactions.
  9. School Garden: We planted everything from radishes, cantaloupes, beans, and cucumbers to Tulips! Our Tulip Test Garden was a huge success!
  10. Skypes:  Skypes are fantastic way to learn from experts outside the classroom and from other students around the world. We have a love of Mystery Skypes and a deeper understanding of the United States geography thanks to Ms. Brokaw. She also introduced us to Geo Shows. In science, Skyped with Miranda, a skin scientist, and a Park Ranger from Denali National Park and Preserve.
  11. Mystery Class: Ten mystery classes around the world, and we were challenged to figure out the locations using photoperiods and weekly clues found at Journey North.
  12. O.R.E.O Challenge: This is Our Really Exciting Online Project! The challenge, to stack the highest Oreo tower! We competed against each other, Mrs. Hamman’s class, and Mrs. Fraher’s class via Skype. Don’t worry parents, there was math involved.
  13. Lunar Bases: Could We Live on the Moon? In prep for this, we also created spacecrafts that would get us to the moon!
  14. Don’t Lose Your Marbles Challenge: The challenge, create a ramp to carry a marble into a small cup using only given materials. This was fun, and a little tougher than it looked.
  15. Gingerbread Houses: Right before Winter Break, we used our engineering skills to construct sturdy gingerbread houses!

Watch this video to see our top 15 highlights and more from our year!

If you are curious to see our almost daily pictures, take a look at our class Instagram (@mooreclass).

What was your favorite memory of 5th grade? 

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