Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

FRIDAY, MAY 8, 2020


Happy Friday! Recess will be today at 12:30. Check your email for the link. 

Math Must Do Activities – Due May 8, 2020 (Today)

IXL – You will be completing 5 skills that focus on adding fractions, LCM, LCD, and GCF. These are skills you must complete with a smart score of at least 80 over the week. If you have questions about how to find these skills, please visit me during our office hours or email me. HINT: Start with LCM, LCD, and GCF before you work on adding fractions.

*This Flocabulary video will remind you about LCM and GCF.

*This video will show you how to find the LCM using prime factorization.

*This video will show you how to add with unlike denominators.

*This video will show you how to find the LCD.

*This video will show you how to add mixed numbers with unlike denominators.

*This Brain Pop video will show you how to reduce or simplify fractions.

Galileo – Remember, this is now a quiz and is meant to be completed after you have practiced your IXL skills. If you score a 90% or higher, you will receive a 4!

Science May Do Activities

Today is a continuation of yesterday. 

Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Classroom Activity 4: Circles and Geometric Drawing

Video of the Day

First parrots that can’t fly, and now this, fish that can breathe air and walk on land!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Mrs. Moore


  1. Those fish just made my day. 🙂

  2. Either way, I think it’s awesome! XD

  3. I thought it was awesome too!

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