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Good Morning! Remember to complete this Flipgrid before 11 am today!

Brain Starter

Math Curiosity: Magic Squares

To watch the short video, you will need to login with the username: moore and password: 12345 at

Math Must Do Activities Due May 8, 2020

IXL – You will be completing 5 skills that focus on adding fractions, LCM, LCD, and GCF. These are skills you must complete with a smart score of at least 80 over the week. If you have questions about how to find these skills, please visit me during our office hours or email me. HINT: Start with LCM, LCD, and GCF before you work on adding fractions.

*This Flocabulary video will remind you about LCM and GCF.

*This video will show you how to find the LCM using prime factorization.

*This video will show you how to add with unlike denominators.

*This video will show you how to find the LCD.

*This video will show you how to add mixed numbers with unlike denominators.

*This Brain Pop video will show you how to reduce or simplify fractions.

Galileo – Remember, this is now a quiz and is meant to be completed after you have practiced your IXL skills. If you score a 90% or higher, you will receive a 4!

Science May Do Activities

Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Classroom Activity 4: Circles and Geometric Drawing

Welcome back to our fourth activity based around a geometric drawing! Let’s recap what we have learned so far on our journey to make our own sidewalk stained‐glass drawing!

  • In the last video we learned about the geometry of a triangle, how to identify them in a building or in nature, and that they are one of the strongest shapes around!
  • We also learned what the difference was between a realistic drawing is and what a stylistic drawing is.
  • You then drew your own stylistic drawing of your favorite plant image and compared it with your family’s drawings to see if they had any defined geometric shapes in their drawings!


Watch the video. From the video, we’ll learn about a new shape we have not talked about: a circle!

Circles can be found in many patterns on plants throughout the world! Have you found any on your drawings so far? To learn more about why this shape is so different than the rest, scroll down to try turning two circles into a square.

Turn Two Circles Into a Square Activity 

Circles and Geometric Drawing


  • Your Nature inspiration image

  • Your Realistic drawing (drawing 1 of 3)

  • Your Stylistic Sketch (drawing 2 of 3)

  • Grid of choice – see below (square, triangle, or circle)

  • Pencil, eraser, ruler

  • Blank paper

Now that we know about all about shapes and patterns, have a family discussion around what we think a geometric drawing is.

How is a geometric drawing different than a realistic and stylistic drawing? For clues, look at our geometric drawings we just did of Ginkgo Leaf, Wheat stalk, and Hollyhock blooms!

What do you see?
We should see a complete abstraction into shapes!

It’s your turn to draw a geometric sketch from your stylistic sketch. The goal here is to make those shapes and patterns completely take over your drawing. To help with that, use one of our grid patterns below. Put it over your stylistic drawing and extract as many shapes as possible for your new drawing! Continue to reference our geometric drawings below.

Once you have completed your geometric drawing compare it with your family’s geometric drawings! Send us a copy of your new drawing on our Facebook page!

Next week we will learn how to add color into our geometric drawing!

See you soon!

*Lesson found at

Have a great rest of your day!

Mrs. Moore

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