Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

FRIDAY, MAY 14, 2020


Recess today will be at 11:00. We will be doing a Scavenger Hunt. Check your email for the link.

Math Must Do Activities – Due May 15, 2020

IXL – You will be completing 5 skills that focus on subtracting fractions, simplifying fractions, and line plots. These are skills you must complete with a smart score of at least 80 over the week. If you have questions about how to find these skills, please visit me during our office hours or email me. 

*This Flocabulary video will show you everything you need to know about line plots.

*This Brain Pop video will show you how to write a fraction in lowest terms (simplified or reduced).

*This video will show you how to subtract with unlike denominators.

*This video will show you how to subtract mixed number with regrouping (unlike denominators).

*This Brain Pop video will show you how to add and subtract fractions.

Galileo – Remember, this is now a quiz and is meant to be completed after you have practiced your IXL skills. If you score a 90% or higher, you will receive a 4!

Science May Do Activities

Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Classroom Activity 5: The Impact of Color

Welcome back to our fifth activity based on colors found in nature! Let’s recap what we have learned so far on our journey to make our own sidewalk stained‐glass drawing!

  • In our last video we learned all about the geometry of a circle, how to identify them, how they can be changed into a different shape, and how they fit nicely into Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture.
  • We created three different drawings of your favorite plant. A realistic drawing, a stylistic drawing, and a geometric drawing!
  • You and your family have learned how to take a nature image and abstract it completely through those three different drawings!


Watch the video. From the video, we’ll learn about the impact of color.

Next, select some colored markers and some tape and try the color exercise sheet The Impact of Color.

Colors Found in Nature


  • Your Nature inspiration image

  • Multiple copies of your Geometric drawing

  • Colored pencils, crayons, or markers

Now that we know about all patterns, shapes and colors, have a family discussion around how we think we can include colors into our geometric drawing.

Discuss with each other how we can make a pattern out of color and how different colors make us feel.

Frank Lloyd Wright loved red, so he put it on basically everything at Taliesin West!

Frank Lloyd Wright would love to experiment with light and color. Do the same with your new   geometric drawing!

Use multiple copies of your geometric drawing and color in patterns and use different colors to experiment. Your final colored geometric drawing should use the same colors found in your original plant picture.

Email me your final colored geometric drawing!

Next week will be our final activity to create your own work of sidewalk stained glass drawing.

See you in our last activity for the final project!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Moore


  1. I still get these and I look forward to what you have planned. You truly have done an amazing job Amber to keep kids engaged and learning!

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