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The day is here! Your official last day of 5th grade. We will have our End of the Year Celebration at 10:30 today during our last recess. I will email the link this morning.

You all should be very proud of yourselves. You have been amazing and persevered with your learning even when things were very different or a little difficult. I have enjoyed being your teacher this year, and am looking forward to seeing you down the hall in 6th grade!

If you are curious about the Tulip Test Garden, here is the map of the participants. When you find Arizona, you can click to see our garden! Or at least a flower from our garden. 

Yesterday a few of you shared something positive that had come out of the school shut down. Here are the Flipgrid videos!

Video of the Day

This is our end of the year video. It has pictures in it from our entire school year together. If you are planning on coming today at 10:30, we will be watching it together. If you can’t make it, you might want to watch it on your own. Leave a comment on your favorite activity of the year!

Have a wonderful summer, and we’ll see you in July!

Mrs. Moore


  1. I am so excited for the zoom and the video
    On the last zoom!☹️🥺

  2. So excited for the video on the zoom!
    On the last Zoom meeting together!🥺

  3. I loved the video a lot! i really don’t want to leave, i feel like 5th grade is honestly my favorite year, i got to connect with all my friends and just us as a class made a perfect fit, and i wish we were back in regular school <3

  4. I am so tempted to watch it, but I’ll wait! 😨😨😨

  5. Yeah! Kalista, ME TOO!!!😭

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