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100 Word Challenge: Use This Phrase


This year we are going to give 100 Word Challenge a try! Every week they will post a new prompt. We will use the prompt to write a creative story using only 100 words! Here is our first week.

This week’s prompt: …they never should have said yes…

My Short Story 

 Alex was asleep, dreaming peacefully, when he heard a familiar voice. “Alex? Alex?” Then someone started flicking him on the forehead. “WAKE UP!” I jerked awake. My friend, Jason was standing before me with a sword on his belt. “Get dressed,” he said. Before I could say anything, he walked out. When I got my clothes on, I peeked through the crack of my door. Jason paced backed and forth, muttering to himself, saying,  “They never should have said yes. I shouldn’t have done it!” couldn’t stand it. “What are you saying?” He turned to me, and then fainted. 

By Cayden


Whoosh, as the boat splashed in the low wave.  Olive was woken up by the splash and went to see if her parents were up. Olive’s parents were making breakfast. Well, she went to look at the marvelous view of the ocean.  Then she started eating breakfast.  Then suddenly, a ton of waves formed and made the boat move side to side. Everyone become seasick,  and ran to the bathroom dizzily and fearful. Olive wished they never should have said yes to her for a boat ride. After that they never went on a boat ride ever. 

    By Alicia  

The cookie recipe 

The Flour Bag was talking to the Sugar Bag, saying, “I think that those humans are being so reckless, saying that the butter should have been included in the cookie recipe. The butter will make it way too fatty.” The Sugar Bag agreed saying, “They never should have said yes.” So, the humans continued, pouring the Flour Bag into a measuring cup, and repeated with the Sugar Bag. Eventually, the cookie sheet slid into the oven, and came out saying “YIPEEE!!! We are the Cookies!!! 

By Felicity

Once there was a boy and he lived with his mom dad and older sister. The little boys name was Bob.  There was a war going on and so they had to be really careful. The British soldiers were trying to get the Jews. Bob and his family were Jewish. One day a man came up to them and said, “Do you want me to help you move to somewhere safe so you will not get caught by the soldiers?” The man was really a soldier and they never should have said yes. 

By Mikayla

Hi I am Andy. Tomorrow I am throwing a birthday party at school. I am going to ask 100 people to come. I am going to be so excited when everyone comes. 

I mostly do not want so much girls. They are yuck. All their pink ribbons and stuff, bleh. So I am asking a lot of boys and 20 girls. So the results that I got were 20 girls coming and 5 boys. Wow, so much girls, they never should have said yes. 

So, my birthday was horrible I will not ask a girl ever again. 

By Kian

Emma and the Land of the Dragons 

Once upon a time, their lived a princess named Emma, but Emma was not just an ordinary princess, she had the power to open a portal to the land of the dragons were all dragons hid from the wickedness of the world. The reason she had these magic powers was because long ago, Emma’s advisor asked her to touch the dragon crystal so that she can have the powers that the dragons had. But they never should have said yes because it made the dragon think that she was evil, so they hid. 

By Brynlee

 I woke up and my friend called me when I woke up and he wanted to have a sleepover today. I said I wanted too, but I had to wait for my parents to wake up to ask them if I could have a sleepover with my friend today, and I told him I would call him when my parents wake up. They ended up saying yes after a lot of begging to my parents. When my friends parents went to bed we got a lot of snacks and stayed up to 3 am! They never should have said yes!  

By Nathan

WAKE UP! my brother, Jackson said. “I am don’t worry,” I said. “I just do not want to be late, “Jackson said. My name is Lily Lewis. My dad left us when me and Jax were born. At school my teacher announced we are having a story writing contest. I love writing stories, but not to public. I got home and my mom was beaming, “What?” I ask. “Your teacher called, said something about a writing contest.” “He asked if you were doing it. I told him yes!” Me and your brother did. WHAT?!  They NEVER should have said yes.     

By Raiya                                     

    It all began in the age of the dinosaurs whea T-Rex found a gem that was glowing KABOOM. Then the gem exploded and was never seen again. November 1, 1999, Texas. There was a teenage boy and three friends they went to school, and then KABOOM. Then there was a frozen t-rex. There was words that said, “all of you say yes” and they said yes. The t-rex broke free and started a breakdance battle. They never should have said yes. He thought he was cool and that was a distraction and more dinosaurs broke free and danced. 

By Steven

               WHAT HAVE I DONE?! 

YAWN! WOW, I really stayed up late! That party was awesome, I’m really happy my friend told me about it. Though, I am a bit tiredI can’t believe I’m actually going to Disneyland, I’ve never been. I just spent a week at Disneyland, and I had so much fun! I just made an agreement with someone, they never should have said yes, though, they’re not going to know what hit them. I can’t believe they actually fell for my prank! OH NO! This is no good!  I haven’t seen them in weeks. What if they thought it was legit 

By Kaley

Talia and Maria are doing a project with me. We’re going to do a diorama on the jungle. We started with trimming little plants to look like trees. “AHHH my tree looks like a dinosaur eating pizza!!!” shouted Maria with a happy tone in her voice. We did so much more things but, we did all of them wrong. Our creation is a mess. We walked into class with our project. “Hello girls, would you like to share your project?” said the teacher. “YES!!!” they said. We shared it and the whole class laughed. They should have never said yes!!! 

By Katelyn

 They never should have said yes 

 There was a girl named Piper and she would always ask if I could use the bathroom the teach always said sure but be quick. I always thought that the teacher should have said no but one day the teacher finally said no I was so happy. I said to the teacher great job. She said for what after she said that Piper asked again, I said they never should have said yes, I said to myseltalking about the teacher. After all that piper learned her lesson and said sorry to the class. We all said it is ok! 

By Mia


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