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My Short Story

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Written by Caden for the 100 Word Challenge

It took me three minutes to slap Jason awake. When he woke up, his cheeks were red. He sat up groaning. “What happened?” he said. “You fainted” I replied. “Right” he said. “Follow me.” He got up and walked out the front door. Reluctantly, I followed. When I got outside, he was getting into the driver’s seat of my mom’s car, but he was only thirteen. I got in, and then noticed a big box in the shotgun seat. I reached for it, but Jason slapped my hand. I got the message, but I had to see what was inside. 

One Comment

  1. Hi Caden, this is a really good, descriptive story. It takes a unique direction for the use of the prompt, and makes for a really great read.

    Rigon (Team 100W/C)

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