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Mystery Eyes

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Written by Kali for the 100 Word Challenge

Hi, my name is Klhoe and I am going to tell you a story. So, one day I heard a squealing noise coming from my parent’s room, but I couldn’t ask them because they were gone. After a while I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to look, and when I looked in the room I saw dark green eyes coming towers me and “BAM!” I got knocked down. After that you wouldn’t believe what it was, it was a puppy! When my parents got home they gasped. I said, “But I had to see what was inside”. 

One Comment

  1. Hi Kali, this is a very creative story. It caught me by surprise that the thing in the room was a puppy, and really grabbed my attention!

    Rigon (Team 100W/C)

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