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Puppy Impossible 4

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Written by Katelyn for the 1oo word challenge

“I can’t take my mind off Abbie,” Hope said to herself. She saw a cute puppy on a leash. It looked exactly like Abbie. It was almost as if it was Abbie. “That is definitely Abbie!” Hope said out loud. She followed the girl to her house. The girl closed and locked it. Hope grabbed a sharp rock to use as a key to unlock the door. The rock key didn’t fit. “If only it was a bit smaller!” Hope yelled. Hope walked back home thinking about how she would never get Abbie back. Hope opened the door and saw Abbie rush toward her. Hope saw her Mom standing by the door with a smile on her face. 

One Comment

  1. What an interesting story, Katelyn! It would have been nice to have a bit of description saying where Hope was in the beginning of the story, as it took me a while to realise she was outside on the street. Still, the ending is mysterious and makes you want to read more. I wonder how Hope’s mother got Abbie back for her. Good work on this prompt, and keep writing!

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