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A Fun Day

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Written by Brightlie for the 100 word challenge

September 12, 2007 

Today I had a fun day. I was rolling around in leaves. I built a crafty, white castle which was made from marshmallows; also I got to eat an ice cream sundae.  

September 15, 2007 

Today was the worst day ever! I did so many chores and for lunch I had to eat a sandwich! YUCK! And no yummy treats.  

September 21, 2007  

Today was okay. I got to watch pirates of a Caribbean, but today I also had to go to school, it was okay.  

Tomorrow we’re going to Disneyland!!! I can’t wait!!! 


One Comment

  1. Hello! Using diary entries was an interesting way of incorporating the challenge words. I love the image of your marshmallow castle. I think I would have to eat it though. You were certainly able to show different emotion in each of your diary entries. Well done.

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