Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

My World


Written by Brynlee for the 100 word challenge

If I could live in a fantasy place, I would live in My World. In My World, there would be tons of rolling hills covered in leaves in all sorts of colors like pinkredorangepurple, even gold! And in a valley, with mermaids and rare multiple colored fish in a beautiful riverthere would be a crafty white castle with candy plants (like in The Nutcracker) and crystals all over the place, and I mean every were! I would even have a pet dragon! In my world, things would be perfect! I would love it so much! \


  1. Congratulations on your response to this week’s challenge Brylee. It isn’t easy to weave five random words into a coherent text. I liked your description of My World. A world where things are perfect would be amazing. I can see you are trying to use different punctuation marks, including brackets, accurately. Remember to edit for meaning, and spelling before you publish. Typing ‘were’ instead of ‘where’ could change the meaning in some texts. I enjoyed reading your writing.🙏

  2. Hello Brylee, what a beautiful world your world would be! I think I would like to live there too. I love how you described the leaves and the fish. Well done,

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