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Puppy Impossible 5

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Written by Katelyn for the 100 word challenge

 “Mom, thank you so much!” Hope said while snuggling with her soft and white puppy. “I thought you took Abbie away.” Hope said with a smile on her face. “I did” Hope’s Mom replied, “apparently your friend Ivy saw Abbie, she assumed you lost her, so she came here.” Hope looked surprised. “So, you didn’t get Abbie back?” Hope said with sorrow in her voice. Hope grabbed Abbie and hurried out in the backyard. She set Abbie down in the grass. Abbie hopped up and down in a pile of leaves as if she was rolling around as if it were in a bouncy castle. Hope knew her Mom would not let Abbie stay, but Hope had a creative and crafty plan.   

One Comment

  1. Interesting and some what disturbing story! I really enjoyed it. Well done!

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