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The Castle

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Written by Mikalya for the 100 word challenge 

Hello, my name is Ashley and me and my brother Chris were exploring.  We went into the woods and found a white castleWhoever made it was probably very craftyThere were leaves everywhere and the castle looked like it was rolling. We started walking to it and an old woman came out of the front door. She had a long nose, and her skin had a tiny hint of green in her skin. She carried a rat with her and said to us, “I have been waiting for you, children.” Then she pulled out enormous knife.   

One Comment

  1. Whoo! I don’t know if this story is going to end well. I like how you described the setting and made it seem interesting and “safe”. A “white” castle and the leaves made me think this might be a beautiful place but then you turned it around by introducing the old woman. The use of colour here worked well too as you don’t normally have green-tinged skin so this created mystery and concern. Well done.

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