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The Roll Away Vehicle

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Written by Alicia for the 100 word challenge

It all started when I tried to compete in a race.  To win the race you had to make a movable car out of crafting supplies.  I decided to make my car with leaves and white paint.  I tried making it look like a castle, but it unfortunately failed.  The car kept on rolling away in the wind making it impossible to work with.  I thought that I could possibly make a car, but it turned out into a disaster. When it was the day of the race, I came in 10th place.  Guess I’m not so crafty after all. 

One Comment

  1. Hello Alicia, how clever are you? Using that last sentence was so good. It worked so well after the problems of creating the car. It would have been a spectacular car if it had worked. It sounds like some of my craft projects. Maybe, I’m not so crafty either. It’s fun trying though.

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