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Cheeto Bee Pt. 2

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Written by Danny for the 100 word challenge

Cheeto Bee got saved! He felt really ill after all the ruckus. He has thick skin to protect himself from dangerous things, so he survived luckily. Cheeto Dr said that he had a month to rest at the Cheeto Bee kingdom. When Cheeto Bee got home he partied with all his friends. Even though Cheeto Dr said he had to rest he didn’t care. After the party, Cheeto Bee went to bed because it was 12:00 at night. Then woke up sore and tired. I think Cheeto Dr was right about my rest. 


One Comment

  1. Hi Danny,

    I’m so glad that Cheeto Bee got saved! Yay.

    Sometimes rest is the best cure, even though partying is more fun.

    I love the names of your characters.

    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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