Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

…he felt very ill…


Written by Felicity for the 100 word challenge 

Ben was at the park with lots of people, so his mom made him wear hand sanitizerHe was playing around on the monkey bars when he saw a spikey ball floating near the slide. He wondered what it was. When he got closer, it looked at him and ben said, “hi, I’m a human.” The spikey thing replied, “hi, I’m covid.” They looked at each other and screamed! “Ahhhh!!!” said ben, “ahhh!!!” said the covid germBen ran to his mom screaming. He said he felt very ill. 


  1. Hi Felicity,
    I loved your story this week. It made me laugh! Well done.
    Covid has taken over our lives in the last few months and I think your story was just what I needed right now!
    Good work this week.
    Keep writing.

    Mrs Boyce (Team 100WC)

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