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My Short Story

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Written by Caden for the 100 word challenge

We ventured through the castle until we walked into what we assumed was the throne room. Jason walked up to the throne. Me and Kaye followed. “Look at this.” said Jason. I looked where he was pointing. On the back of the throne there were the words, “He felt really ill.” “He felt really ill…,” mumbled Kaye. “What do you think that means?” Nobody answered. “You’ll find out soon enough.” said someone behind us. We turned. Standing in front us was a woman in a black shawl. Around her, wolves gathered. The woman waved her hand, and the wolves pounced. 


One Comment

  1. What a gripping tale! I love how you used dialogue to move your story on. I wonder who the women in black is?

    Ms Young (Team 100WC)

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