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My Short Story Part 9

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Written by Caden for the 100 word challenge

could barely draw my sword before a wolf was on top of me. It slashed at me and I managed to dodge, but its claws grazed my shoulder. I kicked the wolf away and stood up. The rest was a blur. I slashed and sliced. I hoped I hadn’t hit Kaye or Jason. When I was finished, I collapsed. When I woke up again, my friends were kneeling over me. They helped me sit up and I looked around. I then looked at my arms, and there was a bracelet on one armI didn’t remember putting it on. 



One Comment

  1. You did a really good job in the first half sharing the confusion and frantic nature of the fight between your protagonist (lead character) and the wolf, although having the sword and wolf ‘slice’ seemed a bit odd, maybe the wolf could tear? I was also thinking that considering the importance of the bracelet some description of it could help your readers better imagine what you intended as there are so many different kinds of bracelets.

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