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  The Candle 

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Written by Kali for the 100 word challenge

Hi, my name is Emily and I live in a spooky neighborhoodI have always thought that it was just spooky because it is dark and the street lights don’t work, but I have been having some weird dreams lately that feel real. One time when I woke up, I saw that my candle was not on my nightstand, it was on my dresser, and I didn’t remember putting it on there. I was so freaked out, I went and told my parents, but they said I had probably moved it before I went to bed, but I don’t know. 

One Comment

  1. This is an interesting story. I like how you introduced the narrator. It made it appear that the narrator was personally talking to the reader. The detail you provided to set the scene worked well too. The reaction of the parents would be a normal response but because you had created the “spookiness” so well earlier, and a relationship with the narrator it creates even more concern. Well done.

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