Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

The Time Machine


Written by Nathan for the 100 word challenge

So, one afternoon I was really bored in my living room, doing nothing, then this idea popped into my head, I was going to create a time machine to go back in time, or the future. When I was working on it, this strange thing was happening to the machine, it started shaking like crazy and I couldn’t control it at all, even though I had a remote for the machine. I kept clicking on the remote trying to make it stop, but it wouldn’t stop. Then everything stopped and froze. I was the only one not frozen. Continued….  


  1. Hello Nathan,

    From the photo you added, I wondered if you were perhaps the inventor of the Time And Relative Dimension In Space (TARDIS) machine made famous in the English “Dr Who” series. If so, what an invention!

    Your story made me wonder what might happen if a time machine invention went wrong. Has time itself stopped across the universe, has it stopped locally or perhaps it has made you move so fast everything else seems to have stopped?

    Continued…. Absolutely, your story could move in so many directions. Well done!

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. Hi Nathan! I really like your story! Will there be a part 2? If so, I’ll stay tuned!!

    Raiya(your fellow classmate)

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