Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

The Time Twister Part 1


Written by Felicity for the 100 word challenge

“Have you found it yet?” a voice over the walkie-talkie asked, “No yet,” Jenna replied. She was in a mysterious cave, pitch black. She was looking for a special time-twisting device that could turn the whole earths time forwards, or back. She was working for a spy company that needed to keep the twister out of evil hands. She was supposed to locate it and bring it back to headquarters. She walked around, through the fog covering the bottom of the cave, and, suddenly, A voice said, “I have been expecting you, Jenny.” 


  1. From the beginning to end of your piece of writing, I was gripped. You packed so much story in only 100 words. You left me on tenterhooks as I am dying to know who the mysterious voice belonged to.
    Well done!
    Ms Young ( Team100) London, UK

  2. Hi, Felicity! I loved the descriptions in your story, especially the phrase “mysterious cave, pitch black”. It helped me imagine the setting vividly for such a short piece. Keep writing!

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