Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

Bye-Bye Brother


Written by Raiya for the 100 word challenge

When it just wouldn’t take off…” the T.V said. My little brothers’ favorite line from his favorite show, That I hated. Little did I know, I would miss this show very soon. “Ok! MY turn Jax,” I said. “No!” he responded. “It’s MY birthday not yours!” I sighed. He WAS right. “Fine,” I said. At his party, we were just about to eat the cake when the clock started making really strange noises. Then, everything stopped, like froze. It was really weird and I was confused. Everything unfroze. Everyone acted like nothing happened. Then. A Portal. My Brother. Now Gone. 



  1. Raiya,

    Well done on your imaginative response to this week’s prompt.

    Your poor brother! I wonder where the portal took him? That could be a prompt for another story. I’d enjoy reading that too.

    Well done!

    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

  2. Hi Raiya! Hope you’re doing well. This story took quite the unexpected turn! I like how the short, fragmented sentences at the end convey the narrator’s shock. Keep writing!

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