Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

My Short Story Part Fifteen 


Written by Caden for the 100 word challenge

We landed in leaves. I was grateful for the soft landing, but afterword I had to spit multiple leaves out of my mouth. “Did you mean to fall in this hole?” Kaye asked. “Yes.” the tree rumbled. “Um……why?” Jason wondered aloud. “Come,” tree man said. We followed him into a tunnel I had not previously seen.  As we walked, I saw a bike hooked to a pole. “What’s that for?” I asked. “Decoration,” replied the tree. I thought that was strange, but I didn’t want to be rude. Then suddenly, we walked into a room full of living talking trees.   



  1. Caden,
    We like how you are connecting each of the challenge week stories together. The talking trees were creative and fascinated us. The description of the soft landing was a good touch.
    Keep writing.

    Mrs. G., and class, Team 100, Guilderland, NY, USA

  2. Hi Caden,

    Great! I love the story you wrote. It’s very funny and creative! Well done and please keep writing.


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