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Written by Brynlee for the 100 word challenge

 I am Shari. Today is going to be amazing! I will go to Disneyland“When will we leave?” asked Brian. “In a little,” replied Mom. “I want to leave now!” shouted Brian. “Hey! Don’t raise your voice like that,” replied Mom, “we will leave once Brandon is done brushing his hair.” When he was done, we all got in the car and drove to Disneyland. We waited in line for what felt like forever, but then finally got inside“Shari, where do you want to go?” asked Mom. “The Incredicoaster!” I spoke. “Okay,” said MomWhen we got to the ride, we sat down on the seats and a lady came and pushed down the harness, making it fall on my chest, but it was heavier than I expected. The ride incredibly funI am so excited to go on more rides later! 

One Comment

  1. Brynlee, through the conversations I can feel the family’s growing excitement, (and Mum’s possible frustration,) about going to Disneyland. I would never have thought of using the prompt to indicate the weight of the harness! You wonderful 100WC students never cease to amaze me with your creative ideas.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Jackie (Team 1010WC)
    New Zealand

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