Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

 Wolves 2 Part 3 


Written by Brightlie for the 100 word challenge

“Hurry up Liam” said Ahley. “I’m tired” complained Liam. “We need to find are kids,” said Ashley. “Here carry this,” said Ashley. Ashley pulled out a giant backpack full of supplies. “Whoa this is a lot heavier than I thought,” said Liam. BOOM! The backpack fell and Liam replied, “but it was heavier than I expected”. Liam and Ashley saw one of her kids. Ashley saw their little boy and he was wondering around on the road and then she saw her daughter also on the road. HONK! There was a truck coming then…




  1. Hi Brightlie! That is quite a scary finishing line! I hope the kids ended up alright. I wonder what the setting or backstory of this piece is? How did Liam and Ashley lose track of their children? I also like how you made the dialogue short and snappy, which is kind of how real people talk most of the time. Keep writing!

    • Hi! Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Yes the kids did end up safe. The questions that you have/asked are really great questions. It was so kind of you to give me that comment it just made my day. Thank you! 😊

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