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Written by Mia for the 100 word challenge

One cold morning the Boston family went on a hike. After we walked for about 10 minutes, we spotted a brown bear sleeping under a tree.  “We never want to run into a bear walking toward us, it will be frightening, so please be very quiet”, my mom said. Everyone nodded instead of speaking. Brock could not hold it together so then Brock screamed, “look a balloon is in the air.” The 3 of us looked at him with an upset face. He would not stop talking so I kicked him lightly to make him stop. Then he stopped talking for the rest of the hike. 


One Comment

  1. Hello Mia, well I thought, that naughty Brock was going to have a big bear come after you. That was very clever how you used Brock to create tension and it made me want to keep reading to see what would happen. Fortunately, the bear mustn’t have been listening. Well done.

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