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The Little Boy Riding a Scooter Part 2 

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Written by Asia for the 100 word challenge

“So, you saw him to?” I spoke. Ya, my neighbor Stacy said. Then this kid just reappears! I told you got to BED. Then he pulls a brown balloon out of now were. He puts it in his mouth and BOOM pops it. My neighbor lets out the most shrilling scream“Do you have a fear of balloons?” I spoke. Yes, there frightening Stacy said. Then he pulls out a mouse and throws it at me. Then I let out a shrilling scream, AHHHHHH! NEVER DO THAT AGAIN…. 


One Comment

  1. Although I am not scared of balloons (globophobic) you have done a really good job of writing a scary story. I don’t know what is going on and what I do know I don’t understand. Such writing tools, used carefully, can be very effective in keeping your readers off-base and engaged. That said, I hope spiders aren’t next because they do scare me.

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