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Demons of the Dark

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Written by CC for the 100 word challenge

“Yes! Here it is! Finally!” she pulled out brown box with a sword. “My name is Mariam by the way,” she said. “I’ll call you Yammy,” I replied. “What? Why?” she asked. Before I could answer, the giant demon crashed into the roof. “Frightening,” said Max with a blank expression. Derek kicked the demon lightly, making him even more mad. Never do that again!” said YammySorry, Jeez…”  We knew swords wouldn’t work on an 18-foot-tall monster, so we looked around. A sad deflated balloon sat in the corner of the room. “What will we ever do with this? 

One Comment

  1. Hi CC-

    When I read the weekly 100WC stories, I always wonder, “Where did this story idea come from?” You’ve got a sword fighter battling a giant, 18-foot demon, and a sad deflated balloon watching the excitement unfold. 🙂 How’d the demon land in your story? Then there’s the Yammy comment…very funny and off topic. I enjoyed your quirky, original tale. Keep digging up wildly unique characters for your future 100WC creations.

    Mrs. Rombach, Team 100WC
    8th Grade English Teacher from VA

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