Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

Mr. Balloon


Written by Kaylee for the 100 word challenge

Ah, Mr. Balloon let go by the child never knowing when he will stop going up, up, up and never knowing if he will go down and see the FRIGHTENING BROWN ground. All he can do is think about his childhood, his beloved owner had been kicked by his mom, but Mr. Balloon never new why. Sometimes he makes pit stops at places like HeavenMars, and Jupiter, but first he makes sure he puts safety gear on. Next time on Mr. Balloon he will be visiting Saturn. Make sure stay tuned for new adventures with Mr. Balloon.  “CUT!”  





  1. Hi Kaylee

    It sounds like Mr. Balloon lives quite the life, floating between the blue skies and various planets. Clearly, you tapped into your bountiful imagination to pen this 100WC. Way to go!

    Keep on writing!
    Mrs. Rombach, Team 100WC

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