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Written by Brynlee for the 100 word challenge

Hello, my name is Pixie. Today, my owner was super excited and had a big cake with wax sticks that had fire on them. There were lots of other hoomans (humans), and it was noisy. After a while, they were all kicking balloons, but the balloons never popped! Oh, never mind one did pop. Then another and another! The popping was so loud! Didn’t they heahow loud it was? It was louder than my brown squeaky toy Gregermy (Grr-egg-er-me)! “Can you stop? You’re frighting me! I barked. Finally, they stopped, and they all ran over to me and pet me like crazyBEST. DAY. EVER! 


One Comment

  1. Such a cute story, Brynlee! I love how you wrote about balloons from a dog’s perspective, as that’s a fresh and an unexpected take on it. Did the humans run over to pet the dog because they realised Pixie was scared? Great job on this and keep writing!

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