Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

Demons of the Dark Pt. 5


Written by CC for the 100 word challenge

“Shouldn’t we just go back in the portal? This is so boring.” Max said. Max was only phased by two things, dogs, and his dad.  “Uh, yeah about that, the demon broke it”  Yammy said nervously. “Well, how will we get back home?” asked Derek. “I don’t think we can.” We all got silent. Then, two other demons came. One purple and the other orange.  “This is all going way too fast, where do you guys even come from?” The orange one spoke first.  We live here, duh.” The purple one then asked, “Now what are YOU guys doing here?” 


  1. Miss you

    • Hi Haidyn!

      How are you doing? I miss you too!

      Mrs. Moore

      • Ive been pretty good,8th grade is boring lol,how are you?

        • Why is it boring? Are you excited to go to high school? Did you like school online?

          I’m good! I don’t think things are boring here! I teach 5th grade now. I usually only teach math and science, but this year I’m teaching all subjects.

  2. I guess it´s not boring but not the funnest.I didn’t like online school my grades dropped like crazy. Im excited for high school just a little nervous. What school do you work at now?

    • Online learning is tough! I got my Master’s degree online and it was definitely more work. High school will be great! I work at Bridges Elementary in Gilbert! You can always email me at

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