Fifth Grade

Champion Learners



Written by Tallyn for the 100 word challenge 

You may know the tale of big foot, but have you heard of big mouth. The beast lives in Asia and eats the kangaroos it’s like Chupacabra. Plus, as it let out a pitiful howl you know it’s out. So, if you ever see it run you may wonder why I’m telling you this, but I saw it. So, I will tell you about my encounter with it. We were watching a Kangaroo Fight and we heard it. It was so loud we were running for so long. But it got my brother so I will kill it someday. 


  1. Hello Tallyn, I just love how you have created “Big Mouth” and the image you have included is so good. I would have liked to have heard more about your encounter with Big Mouth but I really liked how you included a warning; this made Big Mouth seem very real. Your warning at the end makes it seem like there could be another chapter to the story and engages the reader to hope that there will be. Well done.

    • There will definetly be a second part about where the brother that got away will fight big mouth

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