Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

Zoe and Chloe’s Good Advice 


Written by Katelyn for the 100 word challenge

 🐕 How to persuade 🐶 

Hello, and welcome to Zoe and Chloe’s Good Advice! Today we will teach you how to persuade. First, never stop when your told “NO BEG” because people don’t understand that persuading and begging are two different things. You speak truth. Now time for a story from the readersWhen someone was trying to get food, they tried a few ideas.  First, it tried to get on the table but, it had to try a different approach. As it let out a pitiful howl, the owner dropped a piece of meat onto the floor. That’s a great way to persuade! I agree! Thanks, biscuit for that story. Thank you for reading Zoe and Chloe’s Good advice. Remember, fight the vacuum at will and don’t leanyone own a cat.” See you next time on Zoe and Chloe’s Good Advice, bye! 

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