Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

29th Street


Written by Brynlee for the 100 word challenge

The rumor about the hidden witch on 29th street has spread across the neighborhood quickly in the past few days. They say that anyone that goes to the fence in front of her house disappears forever. I wanted to see if there really was witch on 29th street, so road my bike over to 29th street. And there, in front of me was a fence with 1/3 of it missing, and a sign that read “29”. I slowly walked in between the two parts of the fence to see what would happen, and right when I got to the other side of the fence, I disappeared and reappeared in a hole other world. There were lakes, waterfalls, fairiesand a house. A witch’s house… 


  1. Dear, Brynlee,

    I thought your story was very creative and fascinating. I can see you have an amazing imagination and I love it. It’s so cool how you can make one random picture in to an amazing story. I know you can have a bright future ahead of you. Honestly I thought you had the best and most creative story out of anyone. Good luck and keep writing these amazing stories.

  2. Dear Brynlee,

    This story is cool and scary. I thing it is cool. what happened to the other other 3rd of the house. I wonder what will happen next.
    What do youm think will happen next

  3. Dear Brynlee,

    You have a nice post try to continue your post and say who told you this rumor or say you found online. I liked your post because the way you wrote it was so intense.


  4. Dear Brynlee,

    I really enjoyed reading this blog about the witch’s house. I liked how you explained about what happened. Have you seen anyone disappear from the witch’s house?

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