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A Battle to Survive (Part Nineteen) 

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Written by Caden for the 100 word challenge

As the tiger attacked us, I had a flash back to when we lived in Colorado on 29 East Mohamad Road. A pack of wolves had gotten into our backyard and cornered me and my mom. Then our neighbor came yelling and waving hose at the wolves. After they left, we never saw a wolf again. I was pulled back into the present when Jason was knocked away and hit a wall. His head was swollen. Kaye was shooting arrows at the tiger with no effect. All my anger boiled inside me, and I charged, yelling and screaming defiantly. 


One Comment

  1. Wow, what an action-packed story, Caden. I really like the way you have used the prompt in your ongoing story as a flash back. It works really well. You link it very neatly and you story is full of good description; I especially like the phrase ‘my anger boiled inside me.’

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