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 My Birthday!! 

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Written by Raiya for the 100 word challenge

 Happy Birthday!” everyone shouted. After we ate cake, everyone soon left our house, Number 29.” Why are you missing half of your fence?” my cousin asked me. “Well, we don’t know, it was like that when we bought it” I responded. She nodded her head and ran out to the car. “Hmm, I never thought about the gate before” I thought. I went to go take a closer look, and when I opened the gate, I found a note saying, “BEWARE FOR THIS GATE IS A CURSE, To Break the CURSE YOU Must…” that’s when I realized the page was ripped!  

One Comment

  1. Dear Raiya,
    I loved your 100wc! It was definetly a different story!

    Keep Writing,

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