Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

Story Time 📚 


Written by Brynlee for the 100 word challenge

The waters current was too strong and was pulling the boat closer to the waterfall. Emmy tried to use the oar to stop the boat, but it snapped. Mom gave us one rule, never go into this river! Ash shouted, using the other oar to stop the boat. I know! We shouldn’t have done this. Emmy shouted back with a wistful look on her face.” I read aloud to my little sister, Kira. “Girls, time for dinner!” Mom yelled from the kitchen. “I’ll read more to you later I say to Kira while closing the book. “What are we going to eat?” I asked Mom when we went into the kitchen. Mushroom.” Said MomKira wrinkled her nose to that. “I don’t like mushrooms!” Kira shouted. “Well, you’ll have to eat it!” Mom said. 🍄 

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