Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

The Kayak Trip Part 2


written by Ethan for the 100 word challenge

One day I wanted to go¬†kayaking¬†so, I looked up¬†kayak¬†places and I found some. I went to the¬†website,¬†and it was only 10 minutes away. Once I¬†was¬†there,¬†I hopped¬†out of the¬†car when I was there,¬†I found a wrinkled¬†mushroom?¬†I went inside and for one person it was only $20 so I paid¬†him,¬†and he told me there one rule you¬†cannot¬†hop off the kayak when your oar is in the water. When on the water I started to be wistful about that one rule. So, I hopped of in the¬†water,¬†and I got sucked into a wormhole…¬†


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