Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

The Mushroom


Written by Maddox for the 100 word challenge

 I was outside camping with my family as usually. We were at a campsite up north by a river. Today was a nice and sunny day in the summer. Toady my dad wanted us to go kayaking with an oar. As I was getting ready for kayaking, I felt a little bit wistful. As we kayaked, we saw a sign saying “RULE: NO TOUCHING MUSHROOMS.” As we kayaked, I saw an old, wrinkled mushroom. As I we kayaked, I saw more and more, than finally I saw a Golden Mushroom. Surrounded by Gnomes as they looked as us. They looked fierce, they grabbed something than they turned into a giant looking beast, we roe as fast as we could, but they were on top of us…. 

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