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The Mysterious Place

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Written by Brightlie for the 100 word challenge

I wondered into a magical place I never knew even existed.

How it started was a portal came I went into it not expecting anything special. When I got out of the portal everything was magical there was a rainbow-colored mushroom. Then I entered a little cottage, next to a boat with an oar on the side. On a sign it said

Rule 1 listen.

Mysterious I thought as I entered. I saw a witch she was ironing some wrinkled clothes. She seemed wistful at first. Oh, hello come in she said with a creepy grin just then….

One Comment

  1. Hello Brightlie,

    What a cliff hanger you have created from the words! I’m a bit worried about what will happen next. I wouldn’t fancy meeting a witch with a creepy grin…

    I think you might have meant ‘wandered,’ rather than ‘wondered’ in your opening sentence. ‘wander’ means to walk aimlessly, whereas ‘wonder’ is to question.

    Well done!
    Michelle, Team 100wc,
    Melbourne, Australia

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