Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

The Titanic 


Written by Katelyn for the 100 word challenge                              

“Carly!” Shouted Amanda, “You should probably get out of the storm,” “Ok, Fine.” Carly replied, “But, if I come inside, I get the top bunk,” Amanda nodded politely and gestured for Carly to follow. They went down the stairs and made their way to their 3rd class roomThe boat seemed to be following a specific pattern. A flash of light, then, darkness, a flash of light, then, darkness. Then, a large thud. And another thud, then, another flash of light. “What is wrong with our room?” Asked Carly, “And why do I feel wet?” “Carly, you’re not wet you just-” Amanda started. They looked down and saw water seeping through the walls. “B-but the Titanic is unsinkable! How is there water!?” Carly shouted. Amanda looked at Carly with sad eyes, “M-maybe it isn’t unsinkable after all.”😥😢 

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