Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

The Lost City of Gold 


Written by Maddox for the 100 word challenge                                         

 July 3, 2017. Today was the day where me and a couple of friends will go to New York. Me and friends drove. We wanted to go on a ferry to an island. Middle of the ride. So, we saw this tower thing on the island. We looked down and saw a lever.  Then a door started to appear. As we walked through we saw skeletons. We went throught. And saw some shiny light. We approached it. Then we say a city made from pure gold. We explored, then we say water leak. We said its not a big deal. Then a big pond of water leaked then more then more. It started flooding. We saw a door but then the room started collapsing then as you know it the whole room was flooded... 

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