Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

Windy Skies


Written by Raiya

It started as a normal day, going to school, coming home, but then, the crash happened. I was an orphan in just a matter of minutes. It’s been six years since, now me, Windy Skies, is 14 years old, living out in an abandoned pillar by the beach. I lived with two other orphans, Emma, and Liam. “Windy,” Liam whispered. “S-Someone’s here.” I jumped up and ran down the stairs. A tall man was standing there. “RUN!” I yelled out of instincts. I grabbed Emma and Liam by the hand. “What’s going on?!” Emma asked, frantically. We got downstairs and there was a tall man, “Windy Skies, long time no see.. I gasped… 

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