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The Little Boy Riding a Scooter

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Written by Asia for the 100 word challenge

One day I was home alone watching some weird show. And I hear this little boy’s scooter going back and forth down the sidewalk. I go to my balcony and tell this boy to shut up and go some were else. Cause like who in this world is riding a scooter at 9:00 pm on a Thursday. But instead of leaving this kid is making eye contact that could kill. So, I tell him go to bed don’t you have kindergarten or something. And guess what he just disappears into thin air. And then I hear “but where did he go, she shouted.  


One Comment

  1. Hello Asia, what a great story. I was so surprised when the boy disappeared. You were able to show the frustration of having someone annoying you late at night; the rhetorical question worked really well (…who in this world is riding a scooter…”. The bit about the eye contact created great tension in the story. Super writing. Well done.

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