Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

The Creepy House


Written by Ethan for the 100 word challenge

So, I was riding my boat and a came across a creepy light house surrounded by stone and a storm was coming. I quickly put down the anchor to hold it in place and swam to shore. Then somehow some way I was in the light house. I was going upstairs and then thunder, then lighting a flick of light then darkness engulphed the room. I went to the top of the light house and found two not one two people dead. Then another flick of light then darkness and this guy in a ghoulish looking mask and stabbed me right in the heart so I waited for my last breath. 



  1. Hi Ethan and Mrs. Moore,

    I am a middle school ELA teacher in Pennsylvania, and I am checking out this blog and blog post for one of my graduate classes. I have never heard of the 100 Word Challenge before, although my students have participated in a Young Writers mini saga contest.

    Ethan, what I love best about your story is that you did not just count the words; you made each word count. Choices like “engulphed” and “ghoulish” create imagery in just a word! A teacher across the country has seen and loved the content YOU created. That is pretty amazing! I hope you will see my comment here because it is a great life lesson about living in a modern world.

    Mrs. Moore, what you have done with this blog is truly inspiring! You have put your students on center stage. I love the collaborative spirit.

    If either of you wants to check out my post, click on over to my blog called Finding My Voice.

    • Hi Mrs. Stout,

      I apologize for the uncouth amount of time that has passed since your comment was posted! You have done an incredible job with your blog. You have so many great ideas. Thank you for sharing and for your kind words!

  2. Hi, Ethan and Mrs. Moore,
    I am a high school mathematics teacher from Pennsylvania, and I discovered your blog post as part of a graduate course. I teach mostly secondary students in grades 9-12, but I have a class of sixth grade students, and I am looking for a fun way to blog with these students. When I read your class blog, I realized I could include many creative blog projects for my class – even in math! Your post was so interesting! It encouraged me to think of ways my class could create stories for our word problems and other types of questions we solve. I wrote about your blog here:

    Mrs. Moore – please know that your blog project continues to inspire other teachers even in different content areas!

    -Mrs. Herbert

    • Hello Mrs. Herbert!

      Thank you for your kind words and inspiration! Last year I had a self-contained class and found it easier to come up with ideas, but this year I am back to teaching math and science only. I really have dropped the ball this year, but I’m vowing to get back to it! The kids enjoyed it so much, I’m sad I haven’t given the opportunity as much this year.

      Teaching the range of students you have must be a challenge. I am impressed! We have 6th graders on our campus, and I always think I’ve maxed out at 5th 😉

      I really enjoyed your blog, and I hope your graduate program is going well!

      Mrs. Moore

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