Fifth Grade

Champion Learners

The Witches Tower 


Written by Katelyn for the 100 word challenge                    

Cody, Rebecca (Becky), and Miliah (Mili) all ran through the field. “Hey Becky!” Cody said louder than he probably should have, “What Cody? What is so important to make you think you can try to break my eardrums?” Becky said looking annoyed but amused at the same time. “First of all, I wasn’t that loud! And also, do you want to play tag with me and Mili?” Becky nodded still seeming annoyed. “OH!” Cody shouted even louder than he had before,” We could play at the old tower!” “Oh, I-I’m not sure about that,” said Mili, frightened,” I’ve heard a witch lives there.” “It’s fine! Let’s go!” Cody exclaimed. Mili was still unsure, but she didn’t want to cause an argument. Then Mili saw a shadow, “HELP!”. “Wait, where is Mili.” said Cody. Becky rolled her eyes, “Mili, stop playing around!” Then something-no-someone came out of the tower. The witch had Mili! 



  1. Hi, Katelyn and Mrs. Moore!

    I am a Kindergarten Learning Support Teacher in Pennsylvania. I am researching about student blog examples for elementary school students for one of my college classes. I am working towards earning a Master’s Degree in Online Teaching & Instruction. I have really enjoyed reading all of the 100 Word Challenge posts that you and your class made. You did an excellent job with building suspense, using dialogue, and using a variety of words to convey your short story idea. You definitely should write more and continue your story! Keep writing and working hard! Have a wonderful summer!

    From, Ms. D.

    Here is the blog post that I wrote for this assignment.

    • Hi, Ms. D!

      We are so happy you enjoyed reading our 100 word challenge posts! We’ve worked hard and have made a lot of improvements in our writing over the school year.

      Looking forward to reading your post!

      Mrs. Moore & class

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